Secure link

The first parent who connects to the bracelet has all the accreditations. They becomes the “Master” parent. Indeed, if someone else wants to connect to your child’s OkiDo Play ®, they must ask the Master parent to accept the link to your child. If the parent refuses or does not respond within 15 minutes, then your child’s bracelet becomes invisible for 24 hours for the person who requested it.

Moreover, the Master parent can at any time connect to the web platform thanks to their login and can remove any link that they no longer accepts.

Secure Application

The app is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play. In general, the system uses the most secure servers.
No data is kept to guarantee the customer data protection and to preserve their privacy. Once the account has been created and the OkiDo Play® has been paired, no internet connection is required to operate OkiDo Play®.


Still in order to ensure data protection and privacy, the system operates on the basis of licenses. Each phone linked to a bracelet will have a unique license. If the license is deleted by the Master parent, it is definitively lost.