Thanks to OkiDo Play®, you define an immaterial limit for your child, their safety zone.


OkiDo Play® is a supervision solution that consists of a wristband with ergonomic and pleasant shapes and an application to download on your smartphone, all operating via Bluetooth. After the first connection, OkiDo Play® does not require any more internet connection or mobile connection. Once the Bluetooth connection is established and the bracelet is paired, you can set the distance you allow your child to reach (between 5 and 50 meters or more depending on the smartphone) on your smartphone. A beep will sound on your smartphone and on their bracelet when your child crosses the limit to alert you.

If you are looking for your child while the child is nearby, you can call them by ringing their OkiDo Play®.


When one is not vigilant, two problems arise in order to find their child efficiently and quickly. On the one hand, you should know as quickly as possible when your child escapes your vigilance. On the other hand, you have to know in which direction to look for them.
Thanks to the OkiDo Play®, you can remain serene because it is a solution to these problems.

Eyes everywhere

You can connect several bracelets on your smartphone, up to 5 (minimum), and so follow all your children and / or their buddies.
Your child’s wristband can also be paired to several smartphones so that family or friends can also keep an eye on them.